S'more flavored rum cocktail

Campfire Delight S’more

Indulge in a nostalgic twist with the Campfire Delight S’more, a cocktail exclusively curated by the Mixology AI App. This drink captures the essence of your favorite campfire treat, combining chocolate liqueur and dark rum with a graham cracker and cinnamon rim. Topped with a toasted marshmallow, this cocktail is both a drink and a dessert. Light it up, blow it out, and savor the smoky, sweet flavors that will transport you back to cozy campfire nights. Ready for a sip of nostalgia? Visit MixologyAI.com for more deliciously creative recipes!

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“Campfire Delight S’more”


– 2 graham crackers

– 1 large marshmallow

– 1 oz chocolate liqueur

– 1 oz dark rum

– 1 tsp honey

– 1 tsp cinnamon

– 1 tsp cocoa powder

– Dash of sea salt


1. Crush graham crackers in a small bowl. Mix in cinnamon, cocoa powder, and sea salt.

2. Drizzle honey on a plate and roll the rim of a martini glass in it to create a sticky rim.

3. Dip the sticky rim in the graham cracker mixture, coating the entire rim.

4. In a shaker, combine chocolate liqueur, dark rum, and a handful of ice.

5. Shake well and strain into the prepared martini glass.

6. Toast marshmallow over an open flame until golden brown.

7. Place the toasted marshmallow on a skewer and rest it on top of the drink.

8. Light the marshmallow on fire and let it burn for a few seconds.

9. Blow out the fire and let the marshmallow cool for a minute.

10. Enjoy your Campfire Delight S’more by taking a bite of the toasted marshmallow and sipping on the delicious cocktail. 

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