Mango Tango Martini

Mango Tango Martini

Get ready to dance with flavor with the Mango Tango Martini, exclusively curated by the Mixology AI App. This vibrant cocktail combines the tropical notes of banana liqueur, blue curacao, and mango juice with a refreshing twist of lime. Topped with a delicate orange peel garnish, it’s as delightful to look at as it is to sip. Perfect for any occasion that calls for a splash of color and a burst of taste. Ready to tango? Visit for more exotic recipes that will have you moving to the rhythm of deliciousness!

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“Mango Tango Martini”


– 1 1/2 oz. banana liqueur

– 1 1/2 oz. blue curacao

– 1 1/2 oz. mango juice

– 1/2 oz. lime juice

– 1 oz. simple syrup

– Ice cubes

– Orange peel for garnish


1. In a shaker, combine the banana liqueur, blue curacao, mango juice, lime juice, and simple syrup.

2. Add a few ice cubes and shake well.

3. Strain the cocktail into a chilled martini glass.

4. Using a vegetable peeler, peel a long, wide strip of orange peel. Twist it gently and place it on top of the drink.

5. Serve and enjoy your refreshing Mango Tango Martini!

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