Thai Tea

Thai Tea Cocktail recipe

Introducing the Thai Tea Cocktail, an exotic blend of flavors curated exclusively by the Mixology AI App. This cocktail infuses the bold taste of Thai tea with rum, creating a harmonious mix that’s both refreshing and creamy. With a touch of condensed milk and a splash of citrus, this drink is a delightful journey for your taste buds. Ready to elevate your cocktail game with a twist of Thai flair? Visit for more tantalizing recipes that will make your happy hour unforgettable!

Jasmine Sunset

Jasmine Sunset cocktail made pf gin and creme de violette

Unwind with the enchanting Jasmine Sunset, a floral and refreshing cocktail exclusively curated by the Mixology AI App. This elegant drink blends gin, Crème de Violette, and lavender bitters to create a symphony of flavors, perfect for any sunset moment. The delicate notes of lavender and citrus will transport you to a serene garden with every sip. Visit for more recipes that will elevate your cocktail experience to new heights!

Mexican Mule

Spicy Mexican Mule cocktail

Get ready to kick it with a twist—introducing the “Mexican Mule” from Mixology AI, a cocktail that puts a zesty spin on your standard mule. This isn’t just a drink; it’s a fiesta in a mug! Imagine the bold spirit of tequila meeting the fiery personality of jalapeño, with a citrusy splash of lime and orange liqueur, all smoothed over by the soothing fizz of ginger beer. And for the grand finale? A Tajin-rimmed salute that’ll have your taste buds dancing the Jarabe Tapatío.

Forget quiet nights in—this mule kicks back! With each sip, you’ll taste the vibrant heart of Mexico, perfect for Cinco de Mayo or any day you need to spice up your spirits. So, grab your copper mug, because this cocktail is not just a beverage, it’s a passport to party. For more adventurous concoctions, trot on over to, where the spirits are always high, and the flavors always fly.

Spicy Avocado Margarita 

Spicy Avocado Margarita

Dive into the bold and innovative world of cocktails with the “Spicy Avocado Margarita,” a creative twist on a classic that’s as adventurous as it sounds. Brought to you by Mixology AI, this daring concoction infuses creamy avocado with the fiery punch of red chili pepper, all shaken up with tequila’s robust charm. The result? A margarita that shakes up your taste buds and delivers a creamy, spicy kick that’s anything but ordinary.

In this unique blend, the traditional margarita meets a guacamole-inspired makeover. Starting with an avocado fat wash for a smooth, velvety texture, this margarita gets its zest from freshly muddled red chili, while Cointreau and lime juice add a citrusy sharpness that cuts through the creaminess. Rimmed with Tajín or salt and garnished with a lime wedge, every sip of this cocktail is a fiesta in your mouth. Ready to challenge your cocktail routine? Grab your shaker and let the “Spicy Avocado Margarita” add some zest to your next happy hour. Check out for this recipe and more cocktail innovations. Here’s to spicing things up a notch!

Orange-ade Float

Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane with a twist, introducing the “Orange-ade Float,” where childhood meets chic in a glass. This isn’t just another beverage; it’s a dessert, a drink, and a dash of fun all rolled into one. Created by the connoisseurs at Mixology AI App, this playful concoction starts with a spirited blend of vodka and orange liqueur, jazzed up with fresh orange juice and a hint of simple syrup.

Shake that up with ice, pour it over more ice, and just when you think you’ve pegged it as another cool citrus refresher, boom—top it off with a generous scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. As the ice cream melts into the fizzy, boozy blend, it creates a creamy, dreamy layer that’s as delightful to sip as it is to spoon. Topped with a fresh slice of orange, the Orange-ade Float is like summer in a glass, perfect for those hot days, backyard barbecues, or anytime you want to treat yourself to a little extra sweetness.

So, whether you’re a cocktail aficionado looking for your next favorite or just someone who craves a bit of whimsy with their drink, the Orange-ade Float promises not just a taste sensation but a little escape to those carefree days of youth. Dive into this and other inventive recipes at, where every sip is an adventure. Cheers to keeping summers endless and your drinks as fun as you are!